Restrictions on the importation of plants

In order to protect the territory of the Russian Federation from the importation of quarantine harmful organisms from other states (pests and pathogens of plant diseases, weed plants), on the basis of the regulations on plant quarantine, it is prohibited to import in hand luggage and Baggage:

  • Seeds of cultivated and wild plants
  • Living plants and their parts
  • Fresh Fruits and vegetables
  • Soil and plants with soil
  • Bean crops (peas, mash, chickpeas, etc.)
  • Nuts, root vegetables, bulbs
  • and other materials of vegetable origin, which are not accompanied by documents of international standard, confirming phytosanitary safety of the specified products.

On the basis of article 16 of the Federal law "on quarantine of Plants" the state Inspector of plant quarantine is granted the right to detain, seize and destroy the above-mentioned materials imported in violation of phytosanitary quarantine requirements, as well as contaminated or contaminated by quarantine organisms.