Transfer transportation

Transfer transportation

Transfer transportation - a type of transportation in which you fly from point A to point B with an intermediate landing (transfer); while the transfer time is no more than 24 hours.

The transfer point is called the transfer point, and the transfer itself is called the docking point. Transfer transportation differs from transit in that the flight from the transfer point continues with a different flight number. This may be a flight of the same airline that transported to the transfer point, or it may be a flight of another airline.

For reference. Minimum connecting time (MST) is the time required for the successful transfer of passengers and baggage from one flight to another at the transfer airport (from 60 minutes to 24 hours). A connection between flights for more than 24 hours is considered a stop over.

Thus, the difference between a transfer and a regular transfer from flight to flight:

  • no baggage claim required*;
  • no need to re-pass all pre-flight formalities*;
  • saves time.

* Provided that the passenger at the departure airport simultaneously checks in both for the flight to the transfer point and for the connecting flight from the transfer point to the destination airport (two boarding passes are issued to the passenger). In this case, transfer passengers do not need to check in at the transfer halls or at the check-in counters in the general hall of the airport, but should immediately go to the departure hall of international / domestic airlines to the boarding gate indicated on the boarding pass or on the information boards. More detailed information on through check-in can be obtained at check-in at the airport of departure.
Not all airports have the possibility of registering transfer passengers. Please check with the airport of departure if your baggage has been checked in to your final destination.

Benefits of transfer transportation

  • Additional options in choosing the date and time of departure.
    If there are no direct flights in the schedule or you are not satisfied with their schedule, you can always choose the best transfer route through the transfer point on days of the week and time of the day that are convenient for you.
  • Lower airfare.
    When selling a transfer flight at special through fares with a transfer at the transfer point, the total cost of the flight may be lower than the cost of a direct non-stop flight.

ATTENTION: If you have booked an air ticket on a transfer route, be sure to read the following information!
Please note that in order to pass customs control at the airport of transfer Zhukovsky (ZIA) you will need a transit visa of the Russian Federation.
In the absence of it, you may be denied check-in for the flight.

Stansted International Airport (London Stansted Airport) also has its own peculiarity: in case you follow other international routes from Stansted Airport, you need to have a valid British visa.

Obligations of the carrier in case of transfer

  • When booking, the carrier is obliged to provide a transfer and receive confirmation at all stages of transportation (even on the sections of other carriers), which allows the passenger to arrive at check-in on time.
  • The carrier is obliged to inform the transfer passenger about the pre-flight formalities and requirements at the transfer airport. In addition, the Carrier is obliged to provide passengers with the following information:
    • about the route, about the time of arrival at the airport of the transfer to go through the formalities before departure;
    • on the procedures to be carried out at the point of transit or transfer for onward transportation to the point of destination;
      When carrying out transfer transportation, a passenger traveling on an international flight with a stopover on the territory of the Russian Federation and then carrying out a flight on a domestic flight is obliged to receive baggage after passing through passport control at the airport of transfer (transfer) (regardless of whether the baggage is checked in to the final destination or to the transfer point ), go through customs control, check in for a connecting flight and check in baggage. (clause 6 of the FAR No. 82 dated 06/28/2007; art. 354 of the Labor Code of the Customs Union)
    • about the requirements of the country where the transplant is carried out.
  • The carrier is obliged to provide a minimum connection time with the flight for which the passenger has booked a seat.
  • At the transfer points, passengers are provided with services subject to a confirmed booking for the next leg of the route, if the loss of connection or flight delay was due to the fault of the airline.

If the connection time is more than 24 hours, the passenger and his luggage are checked in only to the transfer point.

  • In the event of a flight delay, in case of loss of connection, the carrier must select a new route for the passenger and make appropriate changes to the original booking, re-register the carriage.
The passenger, in agreement with the carrier, may interrupt his transportation at the airport indicated on the ticket, in which, according to the passenger's air transportation agreement, the time between the passenger's arrival at the airport and his departure from the airport is more than 24 hours (stop airport).

Checking in luggage for transfer passengers

When departing from points of the Russian Federation to points of near and far abroad, you can check in for a flight of our airline and check in your baggage immediately to your final destination, provided that there are no goods in your baggage that are subject to a written declaration. You can familiarize yourself with the list of goods subject to mandatory written declaration in accordance with the Decision of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission dated December 20, 2017 N 107 "On Certain Issues Related to Goods for Personal Use" by clicking on the following links:

Website of the Eurasian Economic Commission

Documents of the GARANT system

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 637 of July 10, 2014 " On the simplified procedure for customs operations "

When checking in for a flight at the airport of initial departure, specify the possibility of baggage check-in to the final destination and the need to collect baggage at the transfer airport.

The baggage of a transfer passenger must be checked in to the final destination, if the technical capabilities of the airport allow, if this does not contradict the laws of the country of connection and if the passenger does not express a desire to receive baggage at the transfer point.

The passenger must be informed of the point to which his baggage is checked out.

The baggage of visa-free transfer passengers is always checked in to the final destination. Admission of transit, transfer passengers to their checked baggage is prohibited .

The baggage of transfer and transit passengers, when changing routes on their initiative, is re-examined and sent on the same flight as the passengers.

For reference . If the transfer passes through the zone of the Customs Union , passengers must inform the Carrier in writing about the presence of goods subject to customs declaration before the start of baggage check-in.