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Baggage allowance

Baggage allowance

Baggage is personal belongings of a passenger carried on an aircraft by agreement with the carrier. The term “baggage” means both checked and unchecked baggage.

The dimensions of each piece of checked baggage should be no more than 50 × 50 × 100 cm, in the sum of three dimensions no more than 203 cm.

If the flight is operated by a code-share partner of Ural Airlines, OJSC, the rules and conditions for applying the tariffs of the operating carrier (that is, the airline that actually carried passengers) apply.


Important information about the features of passenger service at airports in China

Beijing Airport:

At the Beijing airport, a ban on the transport of hand luggage of liquids more than 100 ml purchased in duty-free shops at other airports.

Beijing Airport Aviation Security will confiscate perfumes / alcohol carried in hand luggage from transfer passengers. This prohibition also applies if packages of goods from Duty free were not opened and the check was saved.

This prohibition does not apply to transit passengers of Ural Airlines who fly in transit using the same number.

Airports Harbin and Ordos:

Transit passengers at these airports need to go through the screening procedure again. Passenger baggage will be re-examined without the presence of a passenger. It is impossible to have matches, lighters, external batteries (Power Bank), removable batteries of any portable devices in your luggage - prohibited items from your baggage will be removed.

At all airports of the PRC:

In accordance with the requirements of Chinese airports, luggage / matches are prohibited in checked baggage and hand luggage. Batteries can only be carried in hand luggage, while the maximum capacity of one battery should not exceed 160 watts / hour. One passenger can take 2 batteries with him. Be sure to have a factory marking indicating the capacity!