Flight of pregnant women on an airplane

Pregnant women

A pregnant woman must herself determine the possibility of using air transport based on her health condition. The carrier is not responsible for the deterioration of the passenger’s health or other adverse consequences that have occurred during the carriage or as a result of it that may occur to the passenger and the fetus.

Air transport of pregnant women is allowed provided that they do not have a risk of premature birth.

Information about the condition of a pregnant woman is confirmed by a certificate from a doctor (medical report) on the state of health and her lack of contraindications for air transportation. A medical certificate (medical report) must be issued no earlier than 24 hours before the departure time indicated on the ticket.

A medical certificate (medical certificate) and an exchange card must be in the hands of a pregnant woman. The carrier reserves the right to check the availability of a valid certificate and exchange card with a pregnant woman before the flight.

Air transportation of pregnant women , if it is impossible to obtain a medical certificate (certificate) within the established time limits (return flight from the international airport), is carried out on the basis of a guarantee drawn up before the flight starts.

WARRANTY (in DOC format)