Rules for filing a claim

Claims rules

To get a refund, you need to fill out an application for a refund and send it to the address: 620025 Yekaterinburg, Utrenny lane 1G

Attention! A complaint (claim) must be signed by the applicant personally or by his legal representative, otherwise, the claim is not subject to consideration.

In the event of claims regarding the operation of Ural Airlines, as well as in order to compensate for the inconvenience (damage) caused, you need to file a claim in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation.

An individual (client / passenger), legal entity and persons representing the interests of individuals / legal entities in accordance with the procedure established by law have the right to present claims against the carrier.

The procedure for filing a claim.

A claim against the carrier for domestic air travel can be made within six months.

The specified period is calculated as follows:

  • on compensation for damage in case of shortage or damage (spoilage) of baggage, as well as in case of delay in their delivery - from the day following the day of baggage claim
  • on compensation for harm in all other cases - from the date of the occurrence of the event that served as the basis for filing a claim

For international transportation in the following terms:

  • in case of damage to luggage - within 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of the luggage;
  • in case of delay in baggage delivery - within 21 calendar days from the date of baggage delivery to a passenger or a person entitled to receive it;

Baggage is considered lost if it is not found during the search within 21 calendar days from the day following the day on which it was supposed to arrive at its destination.

In all other cases - within 2 (two) years from the date of performance of the air carriage agreement specified in the carriage agreement.

Claims are accepted:
in writing with the attachment of originals (if any) or duly certified copies of documents confirming: the conclusion of an air carriage agreement (ticket), the fact of damage (PIR), the amount of damage caused (fiscal documents).

Claims are submitted to the address of OJSC AK Ural Airlines and sent to the postal address: 620025, Sverdlovsk region. , Yekaterinburg, per. Morning 1 g.

Attention! Passenger claims received by phone, declared orally or left in the form of messages on the site are not considered submitted in compliance with the requirements for the claim, and are not subject to consideration in the manner prescribed by law.

The term for consideration of each complaint is 30 days.

The claim statement must indicate:

  • the name of the carrier (OJSC Ural Airlines) to which the claim is being made;
  • Full name of the person filing the claim and his address, or the full name of the representative and his address, if the application is submitted by a representative;
  • the circumstances of the incident, which are the basis for the presentation of the claim;
  • the applicant's requirements;
  • the amount of the claim and its reasonable calculation;
  • bank details for transferring reimbursement of funds (if it is preferable to receive funds in non-cash form);
  • TIN of an individual for the transfer of reimbursement of funds (if it is preferable to receive funds in non-cash form)
  • list of documents attached to the application.

The claim (depending on the nature of the claim) is accompanied by:

  • in case of using an electronic ticket, the following details must be indicated: ticket number (if known), flight number and date of flight, passenger surname, document (passport) number. If a paper ticket is used - its original (flight and / or passenger coupon);
  • receipt of payment for excess baggage (if it was transported);
  • receipt of miscellaneous fees (if any);
  • tear-off coupon of a baggage tag;
  • a malfunction report (PIR) for the carriage of baggage, issued to the passenger by the carrier or service agent immediately upon detection of a malfunction before the passenger leaves the baggage claim area;
  • the originals of documents confirming the amount of damage to the passenger (checks, receipts of payment, etc.), in the absence of the possibility of presenting the originals, must be accompanied by duly executed and certified copies.
  • if your claim is related to compensation for unused vacation time on a tourist voucher, then the claim must be accompanied by: a contract for the sale of a tourist product; travel voucher or booking sheet; documents confirming payment for the tour; certificate of the cost of a day's stay at the hotel.