Baggage transportation

Baggage transportation

During standard transport, minor damage may appear on your luggage. We ask you to take this with understanding, since the Airline does not accept responsibility for minor damages resulting from standard transportation to the airport, as well as for defects that cannot be visually detected during registration.

To prevent damage to your luggage, it is recommended to pack it in a protective film. When flying and transporting luggage, it can be exposed to various effects (shaking, falling), which leads to scuffs and scratches. The passenger must take care of his baggage and exclude access to the contents of the baggage. For this, it is necessary that the luggage is not only packed, but also locked.

Each piece of checked baggage must be in good packaging, ensuring safety during transportation and handling, and excluding the possibility of harm to passengers, crew or aircraft.

It is not recommended to put fragile, perishable items, banknotes, jewelry, precious metals, securities, business documents, keys and other valuable items into your checked baggage.

Recall that the carrier has limited liability for loss, shortage or damage to baggage accepted for carriage without declared value - in the amount of their cost, but not more than six hundred rubles per kilogram of baggage weight (in accordance with Article 119 paragraph 2 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation).