Online registration

Online registration

Online check-in for direct scheduled flights temporarily opens 24 hours before departure and closes 2 hours before departure.

For some cities, check-in is only possible at the airport. You can check the possibility of online check-in for a flight based on your order on the registration page .

You can register for free only for a seat automatically assigned by the system. To do this, you need to go to the Check-in section for a flight , skip the Select a seat step, click the Register button, after which the seat that the system has assigned to you will be indicated. If the seat assigned by the system does not suit you, you must click the Change seat button, then pay for the “Seat Selection” service and complete registration.

Online registration is not possible:

  • for the following categories of passengers
  • when ordering special services

When filling out the data, please note that the last name is written in Latin, and the order number differs from the ticket number. This information can be found in the order confirmation email or in the itinerary receipt.

The order number is a combination of six Latin letters and numbers, for example: 3OTCHJ
The electronic ticket number is a combination of thirteen digits, for example: 2622418001102

Boarding pass

  • The boarding pass received after online check-in must be taken with you to the airport.

  • If you do forget your boarding pass, you can reprint it at the airport check-in counter before the check-in time for your flight closes.

  • At Koltsovo and Domodedovo airports, you can also use self-check-in kiosks to print your boarding pass.

  • The boarding pass indicates the end time of boarding. Before this time, you need to go to the boarding gate.

Check-in for international flights

For destinations with a visa regime , upon completion of online registration, you will receive a confirmation of registration by email. You will need to go to the airport check-in counter to have your visa documents checked and your boarding pass will be issued to you at the check-in counter.

Registration of passengers with an infant

Passengers with infants will also receive a confirmation of check-in upon completion of online check-in; the boarding pass must be obtained from the check-in counter at the airport. For passengers with an infant, the safest seats on the aircraft are available, which are automatically assigned by the system; selecting other seats is not possible.

Checking in with extra baggage

If you are traveling with baggage that exceeds the size of hand luggage (more than 55x40x20 cm or weighing more than 10 kg for Economy Class and more than 15 kg for Business or Comfort Class), you can check in online and drop off your luggage at the check-in counter with the sign "Reception" baggage" (drop off) or at the check-in counter of your flight.

If you plan to take more baggage than the allowance specified in your fare, you must purchase the “Additional Baggage” service in advance on the airline’s website or in the mobile application.

For flight safety reasons, the airline reserves the right to change the seat you chose when receiving your boarding pass or on board the aircraft, as directed by the pilot-in-command.

Upgrade to Business Class

OJSC Ural Airlines provides passengers, on a voluntary basis, with an additional upgrade service for travel in the Business class cabin, which can be purchased for an additional fee. Registration of the service is carried out at the stage of check-in for the flight at the airport no earlier than 3 hours and no later than 1 hour before the flight departure.

The service is provided on Ural Airlines' own scheduled flights.

The service is available to passengers who have a paid ticket with a confirmed reservation at fares in booking classes related to the Economy class of service.

More details about the service -

Attention! After online check-in, you cannot make any changes to your ticket.

Airport check-in

Check-in for a flight is carried out using an identity document.

The departure time on the ticket (route receipt) is local.

To register for domestic flights and pass various types of control (customs, immigration, veterinary, sanitary - for pets), it is recommended to arrive at the airport 1 hour 30 minutes, for international flights - 3 hours before the departure time of the flight indicated on the ticket (route -receipts).

Passenger check-in for both domestic and international flights of the airline ends 40 minutes before the flight departure time.

At Koltsovo, Domodedovo and Sochi airports, you can check in through self-check-in terminals, and then drop off your luggage at check-in counters or at a counter marked “Baggage Acceptance” (drop off).

Passengers who arrive late at check-in time will not be allowed on the flight.

At some airports, check-in for late passengers is available; to obtain information about the cost and procedure for providing this service, you must contact the airline representative at the departure airport.