Firearms and small Arms

Substances and objects Allowed
in things with you in hand luggage in baggage
Firearms no no Yes
Paintball gun no no Yes
Airguns no no Yes
Signal weapon no no Yes
Rifle no no Yes
Starting pistols no no Yes
Construction guns no no Yes
Parts of small arms and firearms (excluding optical sights) no no Yes
Toy weapons of any type no no Yes
Imitation of any weapon no no Yes
Ammunition (cartridges with cartridges) for sports. A small number of cartridges for personal use must be securely packed in a cloth, wooden, metal or other packaging designed to transport a small amount of weapons. Maximum 5 kg (11 lb) of ammunition with a total weight per person for personal use. no no Yes

Weapons accepted for transportation are transported as checked baggage in accordance with the norms and tariffs established by the Airline for baggage.