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Flight on a plane with a child under 2 years old

Flight on a plane with a child under 2 years old

One adult passenger (adult) can carry one child under the age of two years (without providing a separate seat) for domestic transportation for free, and for international transportation - with a discount of 90% of the adult passenger fare.

For infants (from 0 to 2 years old) at all applicable tariffs (except Luggage and Luggage), the norm for carrying 1 suitcase is up to 10 kg of checked baggage and 5 kg of hand luggage in the cabin.

If the ticket for the baby is issued at the Luggage or Baggage rates, each bag or suitcase is paid at the excess baggage rates.

The passenger can reserve a separate seat for the baby - in this case the ticket is issued as for a child under 12 years old.

As a restraint and if there is a separate paid seat for a child, a portable child seat equipped with seat belts certified for use in air transport can be transported in a passenger seat.

For the second, third and subsequent children under two years of age flying with one adult, air tickets are issued as for children under 12 years old.

A child under 2 years old is not provided with meals on board the aircraft.

It is forbidden to place two children in one seat.

Children under two years of age must be accompanied by adults (adults).

On aircraft A-319/320/321, babies are placed in the arms of escorted persons throughout the flight. The cradle is not provided .

Infants should always keep their head in the direction of the window to avoid injuries to the child’s head when any items fall from service trolleys.