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Documents for transfer passengers

A transfer passenger is a passenger who, in accordance with an air transportation agreement, arrives at an intermediate point on one flight and continues to fly on another flight of the same or another carrier.

Transfer transportation can be carried out both through the airports of the Russian Federation, and through the CIS countries and far abroad.
When issuing airline tickets for transfer flights, you must carefully familiarize yourself with the full route of transportation and landing points.

If transfer flights are operated from one airport of the Russian Federation to another, but transportation is carried out with a landing at a non-CIS airport with a visa regime, the transfer passenger must have a foreign passport and a valid visa.

Please note that when buying a ticket for transfer flights from one non-CIS country to another operated with several landings at airports of the Russian Federation, a non-resident of the Russian Federation must have a valid Russian visa. **

** For more detailed information you need to contact the consulate of the Russian Federation, located in the country of far abroad, where you plan to fly from.

Check-in baggage to the final destination for the passenger of the transfer flight is possible in the following cases:

  • all flights of a single route are operated either by Ural Airlines own flights, or together with flights of partner airlines;
  • if the passenger has a single or different tickets for the entire route (if the airport has such a technical possibility);
  • when paying excess baggage for all sections of the route;
  • the airport of transfer has a special transfer zone;
  • the passenger has all the documents necessary for transfer through airports along the route, as well as for entry to the final destination.

Baggage claim ends at the same time as the check-in is closed, 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time. You can learn more about the registration process and time limits in the section " Registration / Pre-flight control "

Depending on the directions of the chosen transfer route, there are a number of baggage restrictions.

If flights are operated from one non-CIS country to another , then the passenger must have permission to enter the country of final destination. However, there is no possibility of baggage claim at the airport of transfer.

Please note that representatives of the Airline have the right to check with the passenger the availability and relevance of documents necessary for transfer through airports along the route, as well as for entry to the final destination. In the absence or refusal to provide documents for verification, the passenger may not be allowed to transport.