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Severely ill passenger / Sick on a stretcher

Severely Passenger / Patient on a Stretcher

Carriage of a passenger on a stretcher can be performed only after receiving confirmation of the possibility of its implementation by the Airline no later than four days before the planned carriage.

The Airline has the right to refuse carriage in the absence of the technical capability of the aircraft equipment, or other reasons at the discretion of the Airline.

To order the service, you must fill out a request in the form (MEDIF) and send it to the email address: company@u6.ru not later than 7 working days before the start of the planned transportation.

Carriage of a passenger on a stretcher is possible only when departing on direct regular flights of the Airline accompanied by at least one adult.

The minimum permissible height of a passenger for transportation on a stretcher is 140 cm.

The airline does not provide medical escort and additional equipment required to transport a passenger on a stretcher.

Transportation is carried out in the last 3 rows of the Economy cabin on the port side. A passenger on a stretcher at the airport is serviced by the airport's medical service.

The cost of the service is agreed individually and is at least 9 seats at the full economy class fare.

To get the service, be sure to contact the airline support service