What can you take in hand luggage on an airplane?

What can I carry in my hand baggage on the plane?

In addition to the established free baggage allowance and without charging a fee, the passenger has the right to carry the following things if they are with the passenger and not included in the baggage:

In addition to the established carry-on baggage allowance, you can carry:

  • A backpack, the weight and dimensions of which are 80 cm in the sum of three dimensions, weighing 5 kg, or a handbag, or a briefcase.
  • Bouquet of flowers.*
  • Outerwear.
  • Baby food for a child.
  • Suit in a suitcase* (soft case with one suit, should not contain additional internal attachments, transportation of any other things in a suitcase is not allowed) .
  • Devices for carrying a child (baby cradle, restraint systems (devices) for children under two years of age, baby strollers and other devices) when transporting a child, the dimensions of which do not exceed 55 x 40 x 20 cm and allow them to be safely placed in the aircraft cabin in the luggage compartment shelf or under the seat of the chair in front.
  • Medicines, special dietary requirements in the quantities required during the flight.
  • Crutches, canes, walkers, rollators, folding wheelchairs, used by a passenger and having dimensions that allow them to be safely placed in the aircraft cabin on a luggage rack or under the seat of the seat in front.
  • Items purchased from duty-free shops at the airport, packaged in a sealed plastic bag

* They are not allowed to be carried in the aircraft cabin, unless they are small-sized and do not allow them to be placed in carry-on baggage areas without prejudice to the rights of other customers or security requirements.

These items are not presented for weighing, are not subject to registration and are not marked with tags.

“A passenger can also carry personal belongings in hand luggage or have them with him (on himself)”

  • Medicines, hypodermic needles for diabetics
  • Small cylinders of oxygen or air gas required for medical purposes
  • Nitroglycerin tablets or spray for medical purposes
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Safety razors (including disposable razors)
  • Transforming robot toys
  • Umbrella
  • Cane
  • Implanted heart stimulators or other radioactive isotope devices, including lithium battery powered devices or other radioactive pharmaceuticals implanted into the human body for therapeutic purposes (on/self)
  • Safety matches or one lighter containing liquid fuel (gasoline) (carry/on person)
  • Eyeglass repair kit (including screwdriver less than 50mm long)
  • Carbon dioxide cylinders for operating artificial limbs, as well as spare cylinders of similar sizes if required to ensure adequate supplies for the duration of the trip.