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Restrictions on the import of meat and animal products in China

Restrictions on the import of meat and animal products in China

Attention passengers following to China and the Kingdom of Thailand.

In order for you to be able to freely and quickly execute quarantine procedures for entering China, carefully and carefully read the following information.

In accordance with the Law of the People's Republic of China on the entry and exit of animal and plant quarantine and the rules for its application, the following violations by the animal and plant quarantine authorities are fined up to 50,000 Chinese Yuan with criminal prosecution:

1. If you do not submit an application for quarantine inspection, do not go through the formalities for approving quarantine in accordance with the law or do not fulfill the requirements for approving quarantine;

2. Transportation and delivery of entry animals or plants, their products or other quarantine objects without permission;

3. Causing a major epidemic of animals or plants;

4. Forgery or alteration of quarantine certificates, stamps, stamps or seals, foreign passport.

The catalog of animals and plants, as well as products of animal and vegetable origin, prohibited for transportation or shipment to China:

Animals and animal products: live animals (except cats and dogs), including all mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects and other invertebrates, as well as animal genetic materials; meat (raw or cooked, including viscera) and products from it, seafood; animal milk and dairy products, including yogurt, cream, butter, cheese and other dairy products; eggs and egg products, including eggshells, mayonnaise and other egg products; cubulose (except canned cubylose); animal fats, skins, hair, hooves, bones, horns and their products; animal feed (including meat meal, bone meal, fish meal, whey powder, other feed), Chinese medicinal materials of animal origin and fertilizers of animal origin.

Plants and plant products: fresh fruits, vegetables; tobacco leaves (except shredded tobacco); seeds (seedlings) and other plant materials; organic media for cultivation.

Other quarantine objects: microbial strains, viral strains and other pathogens of animals and plants, pests and other harmful organisms, cells, organs and tissues, blood and other biological materials; animal corpses, animal samples and animal waste; the soil; genetically modified biomaterials.